Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Who Gave Them The Right and Our Cozy Spots

Sarah Ann from Art and Quilting in Camden talk about a postcard of hers being a Chinese Site called Baidu. I think this maybe the same site as Bitacle . If they are not the same they are doing the same, stealing feeds from our blogs. I did a search and found reference to me on both sites. I am upset they are stealing feeds from my blog without my permission. I found 11 pages. The only good thing is there are link back to my sites. BUT I AM STILL MAD.

This is my cozy spot in the living room. I took off the sheets so you could see the chair, blanket and quillows. I made the quillows many years ago. My human family members know this is my spot. My 4 legged family members give me dirty looks when I ask them to get down. Sometime they will move over just a bit for me.

This is the second chair in the living room. This Crystal's cozy spot. Now you know why I have sheets on all the funiture.


Suze said...

What a cozy spot........... I am glad I cleared out for the coming month if I am to take a picture of my favorite spot.

Still thinking about your sewing area...........

Laurie Ann said...

What a cute picture! Dogs sure know how to get comfy, don't they?

Finn said...

Hi Debbi, I see you sign off as Debbi at the end of your posts..*VBS*. I hope it's ok that I call you that..*S* Thanks so much for stopping over at my blog and leaving a comment. It's always nice to see a new face..*VBS*
I love your upside down black buddy there in the chair..he sure looks comfortable...LOL

What I've seen of your quilts are very nice...I like the autumn leaves set in blocks of 4 as you show them. Putting our own spin on things is good.
I'll be back to see what's new. Hugs, Finn

meggie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I know that year from Hell!! Ours was closer to 2 years.
After we won the court case, my mother became ill, & she died. I was lucky enough to have the priviledge to nurse her for the last 2 months before she had to be hospitalised for the last time.

During this time, I found I had a tumour, which would have become cancerous, so I had to have it removed, & now have facial nerve damage.

Our daughter's relationship broke up, & she & her daughter came back to live with us.

It seems life comes in great crushing cycles at times.

I love your comfy dog! Ours get the run of the house too, but they are much smaller!

Take good care of YOU. XXXX