Sunday, October 15, 2006


Another bright sunny day, but a little cold.

Yesterday in the morning I was able to paint more fabric. I over dyed some older pieces and used up a few bottles of paint to make room for new bottles. I did not take any photos yet.

I did not do any sewing but will get back to the machine on Monday.

I forgetting to tell everyone I am going to the Greater Chicago Quilt Exposition, November 9 - 12th.
I will be taking the following 3 classes.
Power Strip Sets with Melody Johnson, Thursday, Nov 9th
Shhh...It's a Secret with Jackie Robinson, Friday, Nov 10th and
Garden of Eden with Laura Wasilowski, Saturday, Nov 11th

Is anyone going, taking any of these classes? If so please let me know and maybe we can meet.

I am very excited about taking these classes because I am self taught and it is time expand my knowledge. I have learned everything I know from watching Simply Quilts, Reading Books, Yahoo Groups and the Internet.

When I went to bed on Thursday night this is what I found. Hum where am I going to sleep? That is Summer on my pillows then Max by Paul and Crystal at the foot of the bed.

Have A Great Day!



Leah S said...

Too cute! I had to laugh - my dogs would hog up the bed and leave a little corner for me to sleep on.

I love how all the dogs are looking at you, especially Summer - "we're innocent! I only did it because *insert other dog's name* did it!" :)

Shelina said...

Debbi, It is so much fun to go to quilt shows and take classes. Hope you have a great time.

meggie said...

Love your dogs.
We have a similar situation. I usually go to bed first, & both of ours make themselves at home on GOM's side of the bed!

How lovely of you to take your mother's dog. I would do that sort of thing too.

I almost cried when I read of Max seeing your mother's car.
My mother has been gone 9 years now, & I still miss her terribly.

sue b said...

Look at those sweet faces ! It looks a lot like my own sleeping arrangement only I usualy find the two cocker spaniels sprawled across the pillows!

Looking forward to hearing about your Quilt Expo classes.

ForestJane said...

I definitely think you need a bigger bed... lol

Your leaf quilt looks great too! I've loved seeing all the variations on people's blogs lately.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I'm happy to see that the man of the house knows his place - hanging onto the side of the bed by his fingernails - while the dogs stretch out. Good luck getting in, and have fun at your classes.

Angie said...

All of your "kids" are soooo cute! What kind are they? Is Crystal a black lab? I do adore dogs, would have one of almost every breed if DH would just go along with it...alas, he says 2 at a time are enough...of course, I would love to have a mini-farm too....he just looks at me like I've lost my mind. RFLOL

Laurie Ann said...

Ha! Your hubby is way pushed to the edge and I think the dogs are saying, "where are you going to sleep?" Love the dog pics!!

Sara said...

Just got caught up with all your is wonderful that you took Max...(who by the way looks like he has some Jack Russell in him)...

Glad you are quilting and getting organized. You do beautiful work for someone who is self taught...I am too...have only taken one real class in my entire quilting life...

Keep your spirits up...your mom is always with you...