Saturday, November 11, 2006

Bloglines Notifier, Blogger, and Fridays and Saturdays Classes

This is what I found when I logged in today. You have all been very busy blogging or bloglines has hiccuped way to many times today. I sure hope bloglines is wrong because I will never be able to catch up reading 796 new posting.

I switched to the new version of blogger tonight. I hope all the bugs are fixed.

Friday class was with Jackie Robinson and she is a great teacher, designer and quilter. I am only going to show you a small part of the quilt. The quilt is a mystery and I do not want to get away to much in case you take her class. Jackie's fabric cutting instructions and clues are very well written, easy to follow and understand. You have to take her class is you get the chance.

This is from class today. As you can see I have the background and leaves finished. I wanted to work on different flowers at home. Todays teacher was Laura Wasilowski. Laura is an outstanding quilter and teacher. Laura is the Dean of Corrections at the Chicago School of Fusing. In just the past 3 days I have graduated from 2 classes. The school has a fabulous staff. Where was the school when my mom told me I had to go to college?


Leah S said...

I had to laugh... I was greeted with over "400" new bloglines... well, turns out that all the ones using beta blogger has been "reloaded" or something and therefore all their messages did too. Thank goodness that it only actually had one or two new messages.

And yes, I'm afraid yours showed up at 27 new messages in my list. :)

Angie said...

Love the colors in your mystery block and how "defined" the star is! And your fused flowers wallhanging is gorgeous, Debbi!

Clare said...

I had over 200 today, most of which were over a month old! Thank goodness I'm not on Beta yet!

The fused flowers are soo beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Kay said...

I like this piece very much. I was at the exhibit Friday and blogged about it. I loved the show, but thought the attendance was disappointing. However, it was nice to be able to look at vendors without having an attact of crowd phobia. How neat to take classes. I didn't get organized for that. This show doesn't seem to have been well publicized, unfortunately. The weather was so bad Friday night it took us four hours to get back to Niles, Michigan!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Loved the Dean of Corrections title. The flowers are great - did you use pinking shears?