Sunday, November 12, 2006

New Blogger Beta and WIP

Blogger Beta seams to be working with a few minor bugs. I do not like all of the "noreply comment at blogger" and blogger will not remember my user name when I sign in.

If you comment and I do not get back to you it is because I have to go thru a few more step to get your email address. I am going to save your comments and set aside some time each day to to send a response. If I forget you please send a email to me and I will email you back.

I got early this morning to let the dogs out and back in. I decided to stay up because Summer (our dog) jumped in our bed and was laying with her head on my pillow and she was so cute. I tried to log in and could not because my wireless connection was lost. I could of gone in the den and logged on but I decided fix my connection and work on my wall quilt. I added the flowers I cut last night while I was watching TV. Next I am going to quilt the background.

Today the sun is shining is Chicagoland and it is cold. This week is the last week for leaf pickup and I need to get outside and rake leaves. I would rather stay inside and sew. I now have 5 WIPs. I am so far behind with Judys November Project "Gratitude" Quilt that I think I need to make this my number 1 project and get it done.

I also want to download the photos I took from the Quilt Exposition to my webshots. My list keeps getting bigger so for now I say Bye.

Have A Great Day!



Deb H said...

When I first started quilting, a friend told me you can't really call yourself a quilter until you have a least 6 works in progress. I'm sure she was jesting, but I seem to always have about 10 things or more that are waiting in line to be finished.

I see you've taken a class from Laura W. I saw several of her works when I went to a quilt show in Barcelona in 2002. I love the free & whimsical character of her work. Very fun.

I try to just visit each blog who has visited me, & post a comment on theirs rather than email each person, as it's sometimes impossible, not to mention very time consuming to email everyone.

Angie said...

Why is it, do you suppose, that there just never seems to be enough hours in the day for all we want to do! And I don't work outside the home. :) And my list grows longer every day...along with my pile of WIPs!! LOL I'm still playing with Judy's October leaves blocks. ROFL

sue b said...

Love this quilt that you're working on. Great colors!

Cynthia said...

your wall quilt is very nice. Glad you enjoyed your retreat.

Deb H said...

Oh, & I'm with you on the Beta blogger. I think the negatives are out weighed by the positive though, after using Beta for a couple of weeks now. It really is faster & easier to use at least in regards to posting. I go to the sign in straight away now when I go on line, & that helps a little, but you're right, the glitches are annoying. I think they'll be gone though, once everyone goes Beta.