Thursday, November 30, 2006

Waiting for the Snow

The sky have been very dark today in Chicago and the weather people are telling us the snow is on its way. I am ready and waiting. I hate the dark grey days and love when it snows. I am lucky and do not work outside the house so I don't have to worry about rush hour traffic. My husband now works close to the house which is great.

I did manage to cut some fabric today while sitting in bed. The dogs were with me and gave me just enough room.

Thank-you for your comments the past few days. I am reading your blogs and when I feel better I will get back to leaving comments. I know I just have a cold and sound like a baby, but I also have cancer of the blood (MDS) and it just harder to get over a cold.

Have A Great Day!



Suze said...

Just sit back and enjoy the snow. I hope we don't get much to speak of this year. Isn't it cozy to relax with our four legged friends.....

Beemoosie said...

Nothing like being housebound because of the snow with a whole lotta fabric! Hope you are over your cold soon.

Nancy said...

Tried to comment yesterday and blogger wouldn't let me. Now I can't remember what I wanted to say! Oh well, just know that I'm still visiting and thinking about you. Take care of yourself first. We can wait until you feel like visiting again.

Cynthia said...

hope you will feel better soon. For the moment just take it easy.

meggie said...

Keep well, Debbie!
I have been on holiday, so I am catching up with everyone.
Keep well