Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Tree Decorations

This is my husband putting colored lights on the tree. He starts with Angel and then white lights in the middle of the tree by the trunk. The rest of the tree gets colored lights.This was the tree when I woke up this morning all the lights are on. This ornament is a Graf Zeppelin and is about 70 years old and is handed down from my husbands grandparents.
This Santa is losing his paint and is about 100 years old also from my husbands grandparents. We also have another one with most of his paint.
This Santa is about 70 years old and once again from my husbands grandparents.
We have more ornaments that are from my husbands grandparents. When we first got engaged my mom got us our first ornament and over the years my mom have given us many more. Both my sons from their first Christmas have been given ornaments from Hallmark. Their ornaments are sports, car, and train themes. Both sons have a desk size tree in their bed rooms with mini Hallmark ornaments. All our dogs have an ornament with their name on it. Monday I will make one for Max.
I will take more photos of the tree and post them another day.
Happy Holidays To All and Have A Great Day!


Suze said...

I can just smell that tree. Such great traditions your family has.

You have done a lot of decorating and it looks so inviting.

Debra Spincic said...

I love your old family decorations and your tree is very lovely too!

I know you are proud of your son!

Susan said...

What lovely heirloom ornaments! Just a beautiful tree. Anyone would get in the mood for Christmas just being in your house.