Monday, December 18, 2006

Past Comments and More Decorations

Thank-you everyone who has left comments on my blog. I love hearing from you. If you have left a question for me I am going to try and answer you in this posting. If I did not answer you please let me know.

Kristin - I am so glad the photo of your pincushion and goodies is posted on flickr.

Beth - Military families are very special and thank-you for your prayers.

Jenclair-Asked for a photo of the bracket my family wears in memory of my Mom. The bracket is rubber and on one side has my moms name and the other side as has the words Joyful Loving Wise. I used a sharpie to color the words in because it has faded. We also had a bronze marker made with these words in additional to the head stone for her grave.

Yesterday was a family holiday party and we all had a great time.

Here is a wall quilt I made 3 years ago. Would you believe this is my first paper pieced project.

This is a wall quilt I made for my husband 3 years ago. This is my second paper pieced quilt. Most of the fabrics are from my first batch of hand dyed fabric.

This is my ceramic village that started 20 years ago with just 1 building. The photo if from the beginning of year. I am not going to set this up this year.This is the den with my sons nut crackers. The photo is from last year.I just love this Santa. Evey year I find a new place for him. This photo is from last year.

Have A Great Day!



Linda_J said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah---it is wonderful that you can observe both in your home and have your own unique traditions. Love to see the decorations. I'm afraid that ours is going to be the scrooge house this year but I can enjoy how the rest of you are celebrating.

Angie said...

Happy Holidays, Debbi! :D I LOVE your Santa!! Did you make him? He's wonderful! I haven't done any paper piecing at all yet. The bracelet in honor of your Mom is really special. I love seeing all of your decorations. I afraid I haven't done much decorating at all this year. This thyroid mess has really zapped my energy. I haven't even done any shopping yet...think Santa will find our house even if I don't? LOL

Kim said...

I like the "Star of David" quilt, nice colors. We also do Hanukkah, Christmas AND my husband's birthday falls on the Solstice - we are just dizzy with celebrations!

Debra Spincic said...

Love the bird quilt!

The Calico Cat said...

Very nice star quilt. I have that pattern too - I prent it out fairly regularly since it is free from QNM, but I have yet to piece it.... (I like the one under the village too.)

Jeri said...

what nice holiday collections you have! I think your quilts are super. Thanks for posting all the great pictures!

Susan said...

Wow, I'm just speechless with all the beatiful Christmas things you have posted here! What a Christmas world your house must be!

The quilts are gorgeous. I really like the hexagon shaped one - pattern and shape.

The Mom-bracelet is such a neat idea. Was there a company where you ordered those, or a local place where you did a special order?

Clare said...

Love the bird quilt and the ceramic village. Your Santa reminds me of Bagpuss. Do you have Bagpuss over there?

Have a great Christmas.

Suze said...

I made that Santa....... I gave it to my best friend that collects Santas for Christmas one year......... I have the kit to make another one..

Thanks for sharing

Granny Fran said...

I really like the hexagon stars quilt that is under the village. I am happy to see the electric light menorah in your window. I've been thinking I'd like to have one but wasn't sure if they made them with electric lights. I can no longer use candles due to being on oxygen and I've always been such a candle lover.