Friday, December 22, 2006

The Eighth Night Of Hanukkah

I have had a busy 2 days. On Wednesday I went downtown Chicago with my son Billy. While he was at his appointment I went to the the Chicago Cultural Center to see the Material Difference: Soft Sculpture and Wall Works. Billy and I meet at Harold Washington College so Billy could register for a class he is taking next semester. He goes to University of Illinois at Chicago but needs to take an extra class. We then went to the Daily Center and walked around the Kriskindle Market. We also went to the Thompson Center. Here are some photos I took.

Daily Center: Menorah before the bulb for the 6th night was lit.

Daily Center: Christmas Tree
Millennium Park: The Bean

Thompson Center Looking up
Millennium Park: Ice Skating

On Thursday I clean the house and then in the afternoon we headed to a small airport in Northern Illinois to get Jacob. His NJROTC unit was coming back from San Diego. I was not sure they would land because of the rain and fog. I take my hat off to the Navy pilots who landed that plane they did a great job. Jacob was so excited about his trip. He had a great time. Today he is in bed with a migraine. The poor kids gets a migraine at least once a month. We have tried to figure what triggers them but have been unable to do so.

Last night and today it rained so hard my back yard is flooded. I always wanted lake front property but not like this. Two of my dogs hate water and the third who is a black lab could not care if the water was up to her nose. She just plays in it.

Thank-you everyone who commented about my Christmas trees, decorations, tree skirt and quilts. The hexagon quilt I purchased two years ago at an antique shop. When I brought it home I hung it outside to make sure it had no bugs. I went in the house for a minute and when I came back outside the quilt was gone. As I looked in the back yard my black lab was running with the corner of the quilt in her mouth. When I got to her and the quilt she had already chew off six inches of the bottom. Pieces of fabric and batting were all over the yard and she was very proud of her deconstruction job. No I did not yell at her because she was just a puppy and I should not of left the quilt where she could get it. The other quilt is a trip around the world that my husbands grandmother made. This was my first handmade quilt and got me started quilting.

Over the holiday I am going to change my blogger template. I am not sure what links I will loose but I have a backup of the HTML code and should be able to fix the links. I also want to create a custom banner. So if you can not find me it is because I destroyed my blog HTML code.

Happy Hanukkah and Have A Great Night!


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