Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What A Great Night

Last night my husband passed the big kidney stone, he is pain free and VERY HAPPY. He went to work today and just called to say he is doing great.

I am getting back to the sewing room and doing some cleaning. My table has become the dumping ground the past two weeks and needs to be cleaned. Boy we do get a lot of junk mail.

We have a very busy week and I am still not at full power so I am not going to add any pressure by making Holiday gifts. I really am not in a festive mood and wish I could skip the holidays all together. I know life goes on but I miss my mom so very much.

My family is very small and we are close. My brother and his family live out of state. My sister and her family are flying the coop and going to Mexico. My two sons will be home for Christmas so it will be just the four of us. We always have the family to our house for Christmas Day. Every once in awhile my nephews would also come for Christmas Eve and go to Church with us. My husband is Lutheran and I am Jewish so the holidays are a lot of fun for us. We celebrate both holidays, decorate for both and just have a great time.

My younger son JB will be leaving this Saturday for a week in San Diego with his NJROTC unit. They will be staying on the Marine Base and doing some sight seeing.

The first night of Hanukkah is this Friday night and both sons will be home. We will have dinner and light the first candle. On Sunday we will be getting together with extended family. My extended family is also small because we have all lost our parents.

This year money for my husband, myself and sons is very tight because early this year my husband lost his job. When he did find a job he had to take a large cut in pay. We are almost able to pay our bills but have not been able to save any money. We are like so many other families who are having troubles making ends meet. In the past I have always found the good in life but this year I am having a hard time. Oh well enough feeling sorry for myself. I am thankful to my great family, friends and all of you outstanding friends in bloggerland.

Have A Great Day!



Cynthia said...

glad to hear your husband is feeling much better and was able to go back to work. Hope you enjoy the time with your sons later this week.

Clare said...

Pleased to hear that your husband is back at awork and feeling a whole lot better and that you will be spending Christmas with your family.

Take care.

Shelina said...

Oh Debbi, when things don't seem to be going your way, it is perfectly understandable to feel down and want things to be different. Looks like you have had a lot of stress in your life lately, and dealing with the loss of a parent is incredibly hard. Having to deal with a job loss and lower income just makes it that much harder. My prayers are with you, and hope that things go much smoother for you in 2007.