Monday, December 11, 2006

What I Did the Past Week - Sleep and Sleep

I am so lost I do not know where to begin. I spent last week sleeping most of the days. My husband was home all week. He also spent most of his days sleeping, thanks to the pain pills. He was able to pass 2 small kidney stones on friday night. He still has 1 big one and few smaller ones. If he does not pass the big one in the next few days he will have surgery later this week. In the 21 years that we have been married he has only missed a few days of work and now he has been home 6 days.

What have I missed the past 2 week (To-Do-List When I feel Better):
1). Quilt Studio - WIP from last week - I did nothing but sleep
2). Quilt Studio - 12 X 12 Challenge - I need to read about this because
I want to join. Maybe my theme will be stars or heart using different
surface materials each month. My hand dyes, paints, fabrics and other materials.
3). Quilt Studio - 40 Quilts Service Project
4). Decide what to do with Octobers Judys Leaf Challenge - Who to quilt the top
5). Finish Novembers Judys Challenge
6). Red, White, Blue Honor 9 patch blocks
7). Finish wall quilts from class in October

Thank-you everyone who have left comments and well wishes the past few weeks. You all are great friends!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week I feel much better and will be reading blogs and leaving comments.

Have A Great Day!



meggie said...

So glad you are feeling better.
Hope your husband manages to avoid surgery.- What about the new laser that breaks the stones, without surgery?
Good luck.

PaMdora said...

sorry you've been feeling badly, but sleeping is a good good thing. It gives your body time to recover and heal, and if that's what you've been doing, that's what it needs! xxxooooo from PaMdora

Jeri said...

Hope you and your DH are back on your feet at full speed very soon!

Laurie Ann said...

Glad you are beginning to feel better. There's some bad stuff going around out there! My sinuses are driving me crazy! Dry in one side and stuffed in the other. Ha! Hope your hubby is able to avoid surgery. Keep us posted!