Friday, January 19, 2007

January Journal Quilt - Finished

My January Journal Quilt is finished.

12 X 12

Hand Dye Cotton Muslin

Commercial Fabric

Scanned and Printed Images on Printed Treasures Inkjet Printable Fabric Sheets

Fused, Hand Quilted and Machine Quilted

Aida 11 Count Cross Stitch Charles Craft Classic Reserve Fabric

Hand Stitching with floss

Name List
Part of hand stitched name and flower.
Back with pocket for copies of important papers and photos.
Here are the steps to making this journal:

1) Scanned scrapbooking paper and downloaded to Photoshop Elements. Changed some of the colors with Photoshop and printed on Printed Treasures Sew-On Inkjet Fabric Sheets. Fused the back of these sheets with Wonder Under. Cut and fused together to create a 12 X 12 background. Fused Top to cotton batting.

2) Fused Wonder Under to my hand dye fabrics. Cut tree and leaves shapes fused to background. Hand stitched background around of tree and leaves with 3 strands of blue variegated floss. Free hand machine stitched the tree trunk and branches. Drew lines on leaves with black, brown and rust Micron Pigma pen.

3) Stitch names on cross stitch fabric with 3 strands of orange variegated floss. Fused to back of cross stitch fabric and fused to background. Stitch 4 corners with 3 strands of black floss. Glued on cotton flower.

4) Printed name list on my hand dye fabrics. Fused to background.

5) Sewed fabric pocket to right side of back. Fused top with batting to back.

6) Fused binding and machine stitched.

7) I need to print label and fuse to back.

Each month I wanted to learn and use new techniques. This month the new techniques I used are scanning scrapbooking paper and changing the colors in Photoshop, printing on Printed Treasures Fabric Sheets, hand quilting with floss, using Wonder Under and doing a fusible binding. The most important technique was I FINISHED A QUILT.

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Cathy said...

I love your piece! I am also doing a family portfolio. I love all of your techniques. The fabric, machine stitching and hand stitching is all wonderful! A great idea to add the pocket on the back.

Vicki said...

This is lovely!

martha said...

Realy outstanding and a legacy to your family, and beautiful as well.And thanks for posting the process as well!

Sande said...

Yea to finishing! That's always the best part to me also. I love your quilt. It turned out great and it's such a personal keepsake. That back pocket is cool, too!

Kim said...

I agree. I think "finishing" is an excellent technique to master.
Nice work Debbi.

ForestJane said...

Pretty cool idea!

Did you make the flower yourself, tatted or crocheted? I've just started to learn to tat, but nobody I know here in Memphis does it, so when I get stuck, ... I'm just stuck. :)

I used an online website with videos to learn, but that only took me so far.

Sue B said...


Sweet P said...

What a beautiful journal quilt! And the details about making it are great.

Cynthia said...

i've been eager to see your journal quilt. It looks great.

meggie said...

I love the idea of that quilt. It is lovely, & a treasure of an heirloom.
thanks for posting about it Debbi.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Incredible! I echo the word "treasure"; job very well done! Bravo!!

quiltpixie said...

you've made a beautiful work of art!

Lori (A.K.A. Elkhoundmom) said...

That's a fantastic quilt. Well done!

Tracy said...

Great idea. looks wonderful. i love the way you bound it.

Suzanne Earley said...

What a wonderful piece. I love your tree and the stitching in the background around the tree.

Shelina said...

Debbi, I am really behind in reading your blog. I blame bloglines. Your family tree journal quilt turned out fabulous! I really like the way you finished it - I think I am going to use that idea to have nice finished edges.