Sunday, January 28, 2007

Today Is My One Year Blogiversary

I can not believe one year ago today I wrote my first post. I never dreamed how much fun I would have blogging, how many new people I would meet, how my quilting would change and how much I have learned.

From the bottom of my heart I want to say Thank-you to everyone who I have met during my blog journey through out the world.

As I look back at my posts from the past year and the journal of my life I am filled with great sadness. The year started out like any other year peaceful and then it all went to hell. My husband lost his job, my son blew out his knee requiring two surgeries, and my mom after a 6 week battle lost her life to lung cancer.

The joy in my life is what I have accomplished with my sewing, quilting and art. I have learned new techniques, I have participated in block swaps, pincushion swap and many charitable projects. Eight of my doggie paper pieced blocks with be turned into a quilt that will hang in a new Humane Society building in Michigan.

I am a member of Quilt Studio an online blog group created by Debra Spincic. Currently I am participation in the 12 X 12 X 12 Journal Quilt project. This summer, fall and winter I will be joining the 40 Quilt Service Project.

Another part of this group is the Quilter's Lounge which I am not participation in but I have made many changes to improve my health. The members of this group are a great inspiration to me and I have stopped drinking a 12 pack of Diet Cherry Coke per day and have replaced all but one can of Diet Cherry Coke with four to five bottles of water a day. I am working on improving my diet and getting more exercise each day.

This year will be filled with milestones for myself and my family. My twin brother and I turn 50 in February, our oldest son turns 21 in March and our youngest son turns 16 in April.

Even if I am sad most days I have a lot to be thankful for and I always remember some others have it much worst then I do.

Have A Great Day!

Debbi (email)


quiltpixie said...

bloggin is agreat journal isn't it. While I restrict my blog to fiber related posts, I'm amazed at the record of what a year in my life looks like. I'm sorry your's has been so rough, but hopefully this coming one will be better. :-)

Zoey said...

I, too, am sorry you had to go through such a tough year. I cannot imagine losing my Mom. I wish you the very best in 2007.

joyce said...

Happy Blogaversary and many more. I hope this next year will be happier for you.

Sweet P said...

Here's to an off year ending and a new one beginning! The Bears win the Super Bowl next week and this coming year will be great.

Patti said...

Happy blog-anniversary to you! My one year blog-anniversary was yesterday, and I can echo just about everything you said. It's truly turned into a marvelous experience that I never could have imagined.

Carol said...

Happy Blogiversary to you. I am a long way from my first anniversary but I agree totally. I never dreamed I would meet such wonderful new friends and get all the inspiration I've gotten.

Cynthia said...

Happy blogiversary. Hope the year ahead will be a good one for you.

I just saw your post of the string blocks. They look great.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Happy Blogiversary... does Hallmark make a card for this? If not now, it won't be long... I am happy to have found you through blogging, all of your works, charitable and others, inspire me. As for the sadness, do keep in mind that time heals all things and that Life is Good! (It really, truly is!!) I've had a few similar years ('03 was one) and looking back, I realize that all of the things that occur forge us into the people we are now. Hang in there, I am so happy to 'know' you!!

Angie said...

Happy, happy blogiversary, girlfriend! And Congratulations on all of the other 'good' milestones. :) What day is your big 5 0? My 5 1 is in February too. :P

Anonymous said...

Happy Bloggervary!Blogging has been fun for me, too.!

MargaretR said...

A very happy Blogaversay to you. Here's hoping this next year is a happier one and very creative.
If you want one of my PC's could you please send me your adress? If you remember you were one of the first 5 to comment on my blog and I promised to send cards.

Helen said...

Happy 50th birthday in February! I turn 50 in February also, but I don't have a twin. And Happy Blogiversary. We don't need Hallmark to make a blogiversary card. We can make our own, can't we!!!! (vbg)