Wednesday, January 10, 2007

WIP Wednesday 01-10-2007

Todays WIP:

1) Attend PAQA meeting - I am not going because of car troubles. I do not like to miss these

2) Patch JB's blue jeans - His favorite pair

3) Quilt Studio 12 X 12 X 12 Journal Quilt for January - Hand and Machine Quilting. I will
show photos on my scheduled day of Saturday.

4) Mary's Heartstring Quilt Project - I am planning on making 10 red and 10 blue string blocks.
Debra you asked what I am making with all the strips I have been cutting the past two days. Some of the strips will be for this project and additional blocks and strips will become UFOs for later use.

Four Half done red blocks.

Four practice 5 inch UFO blocks. This was a 10 inch block and I wanted to see what would happen when I cut it in half. Everyone who said making these blocks are addicting YOU ARE SO RIGHT! I am addicted!

Have A Great Day and Have Fun Crafting!



Kay said...

I've gotten into string quilting for charity quilts, and also enjoy it very much. Amazing how great the mismatched pieces look when they're all together.

Cynthia said...

making these blocks are fun aren't they? Your blocks look good.

Angie said...

I love your "Four Half Red" blocks, Debbi! I've been out of pocket for several days now, and I need to find some kind of groove for today. :)