Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another Good Day to Stay In and Sew

This post holder is from my neighbor. I got this yesterday as a thank-you for watching her dog last week. C and her mom went to Florida to visit her grandparents. C is 6 years old and just a sweetheart. Sheffield is a two year old black Lab who is the 4th dog in my life. His photo is below. This is the same tree I showed yesterday with the bright blue sky. Today it is 1 degree, grey skies and snowing. So far we have about 1 inch and may get up to 4 inches.
Summer is in heaven and I can not get her to come in today. When I walked away she laid down and gave me a look that said DO NOT BOTHER ME I LOVE THIS WEATHER!I have been playing with EQ5 and string quilts. I have over 50 designs and will be showing them over the next few days.
I need to rotate the side border blocks a bit.

Have A Great Day!


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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I just love the precious pot-holder! I adored making those when I was a little girl, that photo took me back. Great design-work on the string patterns, I have lots and lots of strings to use up and look forward to seeing your ideas! Stay warm, Debbi!

quiltpixie said...

wonderful idea designing string tops using EQ. I bought the program, used it some, but never "fell in love" -- I like designing as I go and couldn't think of anything to deisgn... :-(

Laurie Ann said...

Looks nice and wintry. We're all mud and yeck here this week. I tried and tried to dry off the boys, but Roogrr still left a mud spot on the carpet when he laid down. Blech!

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

Do you make a lot of quilts with the EQ? I see a lot of them at quilt shows. Haven't taken the plunge and bought the software, do you like it?

meggie said...

I like the look of those quilts.
I would love to have a play about with that EQ- I have never even seen how it works, & cant afford one.

Love the little pot holder too. How sweet.
Summer looks in her element!

Helen said...

Well that is definitely a contrast in skies! I think I prefer the blue 'background' to the grey, even if it is -9 degrees.

Anonymous said...

I really wanted an EQ for Christmas! That's all I asked for, really. But I guess for number 44 in June, I will celebrate by getting it for MYSELF! Is it easy to use?
I love this! Great layout!

Zoey said...

How sweet of your little neighbor to make that cute thank you gift. I remember how I used to love making those when I was a kid.

I love your stripes quilt above!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Lovely dogs - it's funny that the dog whose name is Summer wants to be left out in the snow!