Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday is Almost Over - Where Did the Day Go?

The NJROTC Drill meet yesterday went well. My son's unit overall was 4th out of 18 teams. My son had a great day and did well. I worked and had fun meeting and talking with other parents.

I have over 100 emails and over 250 blog updates from Friday to Sunday to read. I will read the emails and blogs but I will not try to comment on past posts. I will start fresh on Monday.

It is 9:30pm on Sunday Night and I do not know where today went. We slept in this morning, which was so nice. The dogs got me up at 7:30am to let them out and then we all got back in bed. I didn't get up again until 10:30am.

DH made breakfast for us, then we headed out the door. Today we moved the last of my Mom's furniture out of her house. The closing for her house is next week. As I walked around her house for the last time I could remember all the happy times we had with her. I hope the new owner is as happy as my Mom was living there.

Next we went to Office Max for more printer ink cartridge and school supplies for the boys. A stop at Target for cleaning supplies and dog chew bones then Jewel for groceries. At 3:30pm I feel asleep watching HGTV. DH woke me up for dinner at 7:30pm. It is now time to go back to bed again.

Have A Great Evening and Sweet Dreams!

Debbi (email)


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Sometimes it's days like that that are the most exhausting, especially the walk through your Mom's house. I know how hard that is. Have a wonderful week, Debbi!

Rebekah Smith said...

What a busy weekend. But aren't those NJROTC Drill Meets great!! My daughter was in NJROTC in High School. I really did enjoy seeing the dedication and determination those young people had.

meggie said...

Sounds like you really needed your catch-up sleep Debbi.