Wednesday, February 14, 2007

WIP - Wednesday 02-14-2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Today I will continue working in my siggy blocks.

Some of you have asked what is the Bean. The real name is Cloud Gate and the nick name is The Bean. The Bean is a sculpture in Millennium Park on the lake front in Chicago. Here is a link to a website all about The Bean The photo below I took in Dec 2006. It was sunset and raining. You can see the reflection of the building in downtown, the Christmas lights, people and me in the middle taking the photo.
Have A Great Day!

Debbi (email)


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Thank you, now I know!

Clare said...

Thanks for filling us in on that. Rather like The Gherkin in London perhaps? Ohhh I see The Badge!

Clare said...

Me again. No it is not like The Gherkin - that's an office block. DOH!