Saturday, March 17, 2007

Road Trip,Hand Stitching and Gymnastics

Today we went to our older sons gymnastics meet at U of I. I had 3 hours in the car to read, listen to music and hand stitch each way. This is the hand stitching I did. Sweet Pea asked what was I going to do with the wall quilts. I will give some away as gifts and the other will be for sale on finished work blog and website.

This is the back
Just about one year ago BB had two surgeries on his left knee and this is the first meet he has been able to compete in. It is just practice for him because his score will not count for the team. A few weeks ago he hurt his shoulder and is in alot of pain. Maybe another surgery after the season. No matter what we are very proud of him for trying.

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Sweet P said...

I love to watch men perform on the rings in gymnastics. I'm always amazed at how strong they look when they are performing their routine. How did your son do?

meggie said...

Hope your son gets his shoulder mended soon.
Those are sweet little wallhangings.

Rebekah Smith said...

It takes so much determination to return after an injury. I hope he continues to mend. It is amazing the strength it takes to perform like he does.