Monday, June 25, 2007

Sunday and Monday

Sunday: Was a very lazy day for me. JB left for NJROTC BLT Book Camp early in the morning and will be home on Saturday. After JB was off, I went back to be and slept until noon. I went back to bed again at four in the afternoon and slept until seven. I went back to bed again at ten and had no troubles falling asleep for the night. I hate when I sleep to much.

Monday: I got up at seven and putter around the house. At ten I took BB to the train and then went for a walk. Today I added another lap around the park and now I am up to four laps or 6.0 miles. Each lap is one and a half miles. It is 10:12 pm and I am going to log my steps for the Women Challenge and todays total is 14514 or 6.86 Miles. I am so happy I walk as much as I did because I did not move very much when I go home.

When I got home I worked in the yard and took a nap. I sat outside tonight and watched the Cubs game. I have a TV in the screen porch by the window and turn it to face the backyard table and chairs. The game is almost over and the Cubs are winning. OH SH** the Rockies just took the lead in the 9th inning. I should not of said the Cubs are winning.

Tomorrow I am going to iron and fuse more fabric so I can take it out side and cut for a new project.

Debbi (email)
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Esteemarlu said...

Debbie, I also did the same with Simply Quilts. I have lot's of VCR's with recorded shows and I'm glad I did because they no longer show it where I am. I just labled the subject of the show on the VCR tape.

Sara said...

I know what you mean about sleeping a lot - lately I've been doing that - thinking my thyroid meds are off again...

But yesterday got up at 6 was up til 8 then slept til noon...and back down at 2:00 and up at 4 and back to bed for the night at 11:30!

Go figure!