Saturday, June 23, 2007

Grey Day In Chicagoland and Simply Quilts

The Sky's are grey and it cool outside. We had very little rain but enough to wet things. It just is not nice enough to sit outside or go in the pool. I watched the Cubs and Soxs game today. Once again the Cubs won.

I have recorded almost every Simply Quilts Show on VCR tapes and DVDs. I have a copy online of the master show list and monthly listing from HGTV. I have numbered each DVD. With the monthly listing I am verifying the show on the DVDs and writing the DVD number on the monthly list. Once all the DVDs are done I will write the DVD number on the master list. If I want to watch a show all I will have to do is check the master list and I will be able to find what DVD it is on. Someday I will get the VCR tapes transferred to DVD and repeat the process. Can you tell I am a big fan of Simply Quilts and Alex Anderson. Without the show I would not of learned how to quilt. Alex and her quests were my teaches for many years. I reference the DVDs and love just watching the shows over and over.

Debbi (email)
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meggie said...

Sounds like you are feeling much better Debbi.
I just love those bright colours you have dyed your fabric!!

Connie said...

I have almost all of them on VHS tapes too and a few on DVD that I transferred over. I missed a few of them because the show was dropped from my listings I think, but maybe it's still on DIY, I can't even remember. Watching it was a fun part of my day for several years.

Shirley said...

Oh how well organised you are!

Su Bee said...

It's too bad HGTV is so short-sighted that they pulled the plug on Alex. If DVDs of those shows ever come up for sale I'll certainly get every single one.