Friday, June 22, 2007


Today I was cutting, fusing fabric and blogging when a monster headache hit out of no where. I went to bed but could not sleep. I laid in bed and watched the Chicago Cubs beat the Chicago White Soxs. The three guys in my life are Soxs fans so when it is a cross town series my house is so much fun. The Cubs won game one!!!

Most Friday nights we have a fire in our fire pit but tonight I am going to bed early. We have a busy weekend and I need to get rid of this headache.

On Saturday we have to get our son JB ready for NJROTC Basic Leadership Training (BLT Mini Boot Camp). He will be going to the Army Reserve Base downstate for a week. I am told this will be a week of H@** for the cadets. When they get home they are very tired, every muscle in their bodies hurt and they want to sleep to days.

I have a few comments left the past few day, but I could not send back an email because you are are showing as noreply email. Here are is my response to your comments.

Sarah: Thank-you! I enjoy dyeing fabric and love how they turn out.

Kathy: Thank-you! A few people have asked to purchase some of my dyed pieces and I am very happy to sell them. I do have a problem cutting my dyed fabric so it is always a challenge for me to use them. I do have plans for some wall hangings. Also Kathy in your comment it did not have a link to your profile so I could not find which Kathy you are or if you have a blog. Please let me know what your blog is, so I can visit.

Have A Great Weekend!

Debbi (email)
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atet said...

Debbi, sorry to hear about the headache! The sudden weather shifts around here have been driving my sinuses batty as well. Hope you feel better soon!

Patty said...

Headaches are no fun I hear. Hope you are feeling better.