Friday, October 12, 2007

Over Dyed Table Cloth and Napkins

This is a table cloth and napkins that was my Mom's. I do not know where she got it and I do not remember her ever using it. Some the thread work was a ugly blue and white before I over dyed it. I wish I took "before photos" but I did not. I cut the table cloth up and place the pieces in dye and fabric paint. The dye did not stick to the fabric which was not natural fibers. The fabric paint did stick a little to the fabric. I love how the thread dyed. I am going to add these to my stash and use(maybe) at a later date. If anyone wants any please send me an email and let me know.

Have A Great Weekend!

Debbi (email)
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Quilt Pixie said...

that thread work really "pops" now! its a wonderful way to use a tablecloth and enjoy it :-)

Sweet P said...

Those pieces are gorgeous. I would love a piece or 2 or three. I even have an idea on how to use them.

Rabbit Stitchings said...

Your pieces turned out beautiful! I am sure you will figure out a way to use them, give it a little time!

Do you walk your 6 miles inside on a treadmill or do you walk outside?

teodo said...

These pieces are beautiful and you will use them
in a wonderful work.
ciao, ciao

meggie said...

The colours turned out really lovely!

Yvonne said...

Very nice! Good for you with the walking. :)