Monday, January 14, 2008

What I Did On My Hiatus - Friday Dec 28

On Friday, December 28 in the early morning with my Son JB, 32 NJROTC Cadets and nine other parent chaperons I boarded a Military Flight from Milwaukee to Pensacola Naval Station in Florida. I was so excited about going on this trip but was not happy to be flying. One hour before our departure a snow storm hit the area with a vengeance. The plane landed and taxied to the terminal. We (the cadets) were told to load the plane ASAP because we were going to be taking off within minutes. As I settled into my seat I looked back at the terminal it had disappeared in the falling snow. Three hours later when we arrived at the base and settled into our rooms and I called home. I was told we were the last plane to leave the airport before it was shut down and that the terminal had also lost power. Once we cleared the storms the pilots opened the cockpit and the Cadets got to look inside and fly the plane. I am not much of a flyer so when the plane was swaying from side to side my stomach was not a happy camper. One of the Cadets gave me a puke bag.

I have not been to Pensacola before. I was looking forward to see the Gulf, white sand, and all the activities we had schedule for the next seven days.

When we arrived at the BEQ (Bachelor Enlisted Quarters) We had time to unpack and rest before going to Galley for dinner. After dinner we went to the Rec Center and the Cadets played racquetball, basketball and volleyball.

The cadets had to be in bed 2200 hours and the chaperon's started watch at that time. I was on watch from 0400 to 0530 hours on Saturday. I had the privilege of waking the Cadets up at 0530 hours for PT. I was up at 0400 hours on Friday and 26 hours later I had only slept 4 hours. I was very tired and left Milwaukee with a cold and the lack of sleep was not helping me feel better.

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