Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What I Did On My Hiatus - Tuesday January 1, 2008

Welcome the first day of the new year and a beginning of my new life, new goals and new plans. Most new years day I sleep until the late afternoon but this year started very early with a bus ride to the USCG ATC in Mobile, Alabama.

These photos are from the USS Alabama. The USS Alabama is a Museum and it 13 stories tall. You can spend hours inside just looking around. Because I was not feel well and had very little strength I only went on her deck and inside a big room just off the deck. I had my own tour guide, Medic Mark. He is another parent chaperon and has been on 10 trips with the NJROTC unit. He has been to Pensacola before. He also has been on the USS Alabama before so stayed with me.

These photos are of the Submarine USS Drum.

As you can see we had a very busy day. On the bus ride back to Pensacola NAS most all of the Cadets and Chaperons slept. I was able to sleep for about and hour. I had watch again in the early morning from 1200 to 0200 hours so what little sleep I did get was welcomed.

I am enjoying watch because it give me time to think, design quilts and just be alone.

As I walked the floor doing room checks I made a decision that the new year was going to be filled with new beginnings. I want to change my life so I set new goals for myself, my art and my family life.

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