Sunday, February 24, 2008

Heat Wave In Chicagoland

Today the temperature in Chicagoland was a whopping 35 degrees and the sun was shining. What does one do when there is a heat wave in February.....take a motorcycle ride. My friend Mark loves to ride his motorcycle and has a bad case of cabin fever.

Today I went for a ride with him. I have not been on a motorcycle in 31 years. The last time I rode I had to met the guy a few blocks from my house because my Mom forbid me to get on a motorcycle. Plus she always hated the guys I dated. Somehow she still knew I got on that motorcycle and told me all about it when I got home that night. It was the last time I got on a motorcycle and dated that guy.

I know today she was turning and yelling at me from her grave. Sorry Mom but I am 51 years of age and just survived 5 heart attacks so I need some excitement in my life.

I wore Mark's extra Leather Jacket, Chaps, Helmet and had layers of warm clothes on so all the safety clothing was covered and I did stay warm. The past week I researched being a passenger so I had an idea what I was suppose to do. Mark explained what he wanted from me and off we went.

We rode for about an hour which is a good time for a newbie. I am sure the people in the cars were looking at us and saying "those two are nuts". I bet some were jealous and envious that we were riding and they were not.

I can understand why Mark loves to ride, I have to confess it was peaceful, scary and
thrilling all at the same time.

Hopefully I was a good passenger and this was the first of many rides with Mark.

This is a photo of Mark's bike by Lake Michigan last year. I wish I had my camera with today and taken a photo because it would of been a great contrast to the warm sunny day of this photo.

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Kay said...

Riding a motorcycle would give me a heart attack for sure LOL Enjoy, Debbi

meggie said...

Wow! You are very brave getting on that bike! I was happy when I read that you did, & that you enjoyed it so much! That is what living is about. If we dont take some risks, we will never know!
(But don't ever take risks with chest pains, eh Debbi?!!)