Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Monday's Walk in Chicagoland

Yesterdays walk was not much fun because of the rain, thunder, lighting and hail. Before the skys let loose I walked about half a mile and had to turn around and walk fast to get to the car. This is Chicagoland what is with the thunderstorms.....I want snow. Tonight we may get at much as a foot so I need to be careful of my wishes.

Today I am going to visit a friend and will not walk because it is wet and damp outside. I may bet some sewing done in the afternoon but have to chaperone for NJROTC markmanship practice.

I had the most wonderful comment left yesterday from Debi at http://debistitches.blogspot.com/ Debi has not been feeling well and has been putting off going for testing. Because I have inspired her with my story she is going for testing today. PLEASE visit her blog and send her well wishes.

I will be without a compter for a few days so this will be my last post until Thursday or Friday.

Happy Sewing!

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