Monday, March 17, 2008

The Ending To A Very Sad Day

Today started off just like any other day kids heading off to school, dogs running around outside, dogs tracking mud in the house, laundry, house cleaning, sleeping in and reading in bed.

The the phone rang for the first time this morning with the bad news, a friend was in trouble. A call a few hours later with the best news, saying the friend was going to be OK (my prayers were answered).

A call from my sister saying my nephew, BG was in a car accident. He was waiting at a red light when the car behind him hit him. That car was hit at a high rate of speed. BG must of been knocked out because he does not remember anything. He is bruised and aches from head to toe and the great news is he will be OK in a few weeks.

Another call from my sister with more bad news, saying her three year lab has a basketball size tumor in her abdomen. She is being taken to a Vet hospital for treatment and to decide what is the best course of treatment, if any.

I know other people have it much worst but right now all I can say is life sucks.

To my family and friends the only good part of life is having you in my life! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Debbi (email)
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dot said...

What a horrible day. Let's pray it does not repeat.

CONNIE W said...

Oh I hope that there are good results for all concerned. How sad a day you had.

Shelina said...

Oh my goodness, maybe you should get your phone disconnected! What a horrible horrible day to have so many bad things happening. You truly deserve a rest, and the rest of the year, at least, with nothing but wonderful things happenings.