Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday, A Day In My Life

Today was the Senior Gymnastics Brunch for my son's team. The food was great and I ate everything I should not of eaten. I am sure my heart is yelling and blood sugar counts are off the chart.

My son is in his 4th year of college but is not a senior according to the NCAA he is a sophomore. He red shirted his freshman year and blew his knee sophomore year, had surgery twice so he had a medical red shirt that year. That means in academics he is a senior but in athletics he is still a sophomore and he can still compete two more years. He will compete one more year and graduate in April of 2009. After college he is going into Officers Candidate School for the Marines. I am not very happy about him going into the military and would love it if he changed his mind.

We got home around noon and then I went for a drive. This time of the year Chicagoland is not very pretty. The snow has melted, the tree and flowers have not started to bloom and the sky was grey. Late in the day the sky turned blue with puffy clouds, I should of gone out for a walk but decided to write this posting then I am going read. I am not sure how much reading I will do because I am very tired and may fall asleep. I have been busy every day and evening this week and I need to reminding myself I still need to take it easy and rest after my second angioplasty eleven days ago.

Have A Great Week Ahead and Happy Quilting!

Debbi (email)
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meggie said...

Don't overdo things Debi! Be sure to take enough time to rest. Reading is good, at least you are relaxing- unless it is an exciting mystery, & has you clinging to the edge of your seat!! haha.