Friday, March 07, 2008

I Am Home From The Hospital And Doing Great

I came home from the hospital last night at 8PM. Because the blockage was so long the Doctor had to use two stents. What was the surprise to me is I still have 2 blockages in the front of my heart that are 70% blockages. One can be fixed with a stent and the other will require a bypass. I am still having chest pains which the Doctors do not like. I will have to have a stress test in a few months to see if the additional 2 blockages are causing the chest pain. For now have to take in additional to all the other meds and Nitro pill everyday. It is working to relieve the chest pain but it did cause a very bad headache. I can live with the headache but not the chest pains.

I slept the whole night without any problems. About 5AM today I started having very bad chest pains. I did take an aspirin and Nitro pill and within 10 minutes the pain was almost gone. The rest of the day I was OK. At 3PM I had an appointment to see a Doctor about controlling my diabetics. I have been on insulin for the past 4 years off and on. When I left the hospital in January I was only on pills but it was not enough. Now I will be taking a new insulin at night that last 24 hours. I will be using a pen with a needle which I think is so cool. I hated using and carrying syringes and bottles of insulin before. The insulin is built right into the pen and for me will last 5 days. I also got a new meter that is small and bright green. I wanted a pink one but the office did not have one.

I will have photos to show of my hospital stay and heart in the next few days.

Thank-you for your well wishes and prayers. I know your wishes and prayers were heard and they help me very much.

To my family, blogger friends and friends here at home I LOVE YOU!

Debbi (email)
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meggie said...

So glad you have come through all this!!
Get Well.

Happy Birthday to your lovely Son!!

julieQ said...

Yahoo!! I am glad you came through OK. Hope your other blockages cause you little trouble. I am sorry you are bruised black and blue!!

tiami said...

Im glad you came through ok. didnt know about you having heartproblems..
big hugs to you BIG BIG HUGS