Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Wishes From Friends and My Thanks

This was sent to me from a friend at Jewish Quilters online group.

"Refuah Shlema" - means "complete healing." [The Hebrew letters featured in the painting are: Resh Pey Vav Aleph Hey - REFUAH - meaning HEALING...and Shin Lamed Mem Hey - meaning WHOLE, COMPLETE. [MAY YOU HAVE A] COMPLETE HEALING.

Thank-you Jewish Quilters and all of my friends from around the world for your prayers, well wishes and love.

Mark a very special thank-you for your prayers and friendship. I could not do tomorrow without you. I love you!

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tiami said...

Hi Debbi...

long time since we wrote to each other.. Im thinking of you a lot, wonder how youre doing..

take care, stay in touch...

Tina / sweden

meggie said...

Debbi, we are all thinking of you, & sending full hearty best wishes & positive vibes for your complete recovery from this little 'warning'!!
Hugs, xxxxx. Meggie

meggie said...

PS, I was sure I had left 2 other messages on here, on previous posts, but I see they are not there, so blogger must have eaten them. Hmmmph. Have been thinking of you every day.

The Carolina Quilter said...

Debbi, sending prayers your way for healing. I hope you get some much needed rest and better health.