Sunday, March 09, 2008

Photos From The Hospital - Visit Two Part Two

These are the photos from the second angioplasty and EKG on Wednesday, March 5 2008.

This photo shows the blockage before the angioplasty and two stent placements. You can see a large section of the Right Coronary Artery where the blockage is 98%. Photo after the first stent placment and blood flow has returned to the artery and heart.

This is a photo of the second and smaller in size but still a 98% blockage in the Right Coronary Artery before the stent placement.

Photo after the second stent placment and blood flow has returned to the artery and heart.

This is the photo after both of the stent placements. To me it does not look much different from the second photo but was take 7 minutes later.

This EKG was taken 3 hours after the angioplasty and the two stent placement just after I started having severe chest pains. Not sure what it means but did not show a MI, which is very good and not much change from EKG Feb 26th, which once again is good.
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This thing of ours is what we make of it and I hope one of the things is true friendship. I did listen and I am learning from you.
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atet said...

My Dad had photos like these from his stenting as well -- he was proud to show them off, and you should be as well. I'm so glad to hear the angioplasty went well. Let's hope the other blockages are something that can be dealt with easily :0). You're in my thoughts.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Glad to hear you're doing well. Keep it up.

Beth said...

I used to look at these pics all the time as a medical records analyst. It just really amazes me.

Looks like you're on the mend, and I'm happy about that! I'll keep remembering you before the Lord.