Thursday, April 17, 2008

Color Guard, Spring Flowers and Walking

Tonight was our high school Knights Gymnastics Invite and my son JB and fellow cadets did the color guard. JB is on the team and the head coach always wants JB and his NJROTC unit to do the color guard. This is new for the NJROTC unit to do sporting events at our high school. Last year JB asked the athletic director and now it has become a tradition for the NJROTC unit.

The past two days it has been warm in Chicagoland and my flowers are popping out all over. Here are a few from my gardens. This is the first year that I am unable to work in my flower gardens and they are showing the lack of loving. I have not done a spring cleaning, turned the dirt or edged the beds.

Yesterday and today I went to my favorite walking path for the first time this spring. I could not walk the path all winter because the snow on the path was not plowed so I had to walk on other paths. Yesterday I walked around the path twice for a total of three miles. Today I walked around four times for a total of six miles. Before my heart attacks I was walking six miles each day and it took almost three hours and each step was a struggle. I was not having chest pains but I was always out of breath, my legs hurt and each step was just hard to take but I kept at it for eleven months. All winter long and after each angioplasty I started walk taking very easy at first until I was up to three miles. With the warmer weather today I felt like I need to walk more and so I did. I am not having any chest pains but I do feel a heaviness in my chest. I am not sure what this means but it did kill me. When I walk I listen to quilting podcast and music on my Ipod. For me walking is an escape from the troubles of my life and a time to let my mind relax.
Last year I met a man who also walks on the same path as I do. He walks much faster than I do but once in a while he would slow down and we would walk together. We walked and talked a bit and off he would go. We never gave each other any personal information about who we are. We did this until winter and said we would meet up again in the spring. Yesterday I did not see him and today he walked up from behind me, tapped me on the shoulder and said hi. I still do not know his name so I will call him walking man. We walked and talk for an hour today and off walking he went. When I was done I sat on a bench to cool down and today walking man sat with me. We talked for another hour and we still do not know anything about each other. After we went our separate ways I started thinking about who he is. Maybe I should at least ask him his name. What would he think about me calling him walking man? Maybe he calls me walking women.
Tomorrows plans: Walking, Passover Postcards, Lunch with BB and Shopping.
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Tanya Brown said...

Re: walking man, somebody did an article about this sort of thing a year or so ago, the people we see each day and speak to but perhaps know little about.

In this case, I would say that you do know something about walking man, perhaps even more fundamental and important things than his name or profession.