Friday, April 18, 2008

Earthquake In Southern Illinois

It was another night when I could not sleep and I was up at 2AM. I was on the computer at 4:30AM and my dogs went crazy and wanted to go outside when the eartquake hit about 250 miles from my house. I did not feel the earthquake but my son JB did. To read more about the earthquake click here.

I did not walk at the park today but walked with my son BB as we shopped most of the day. We went to Borders and BB got 2 books about the Iraq war. Then we walked around Woodfield Mall and window shopped. We stopped at Dicks Sporting Goods and BB got a pair of running shorts and then we stopped at the grocery store. I forgot all about going to staples for ink for my printers. That will have to wait until Sunday. I wanted to print the back of my passover postcards and get them in the mail today. It was great fun spending time with my son and when he off fighting the war I will remember our time together.

On Saturday I am going to Ebert, Indiana for a NJROTC Drill Meet. We are leaving at oh dark 30 in the morning (4:30AM). I will be riding the bus with the team so I should be able to sleep both going and coming home. I went to the meet last year and it was a lot of fun, but a long day.

Have A Great Weekend!

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