Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The End Of DubiQuilts Website

Dear Family and Friends,

After much thought I have decided to end dubiquilts dot com website and
dubiquilts at dubiquilts dot com email address. Please use for all emails.

I am planning for now to keep DubiQuilts Blog but this may change in the next few weeks.

I have been tossing this around for many months and decided with all the changes in my life it is time to to say good bye to my website. My blog has far more hits each day and the cost is free.

The past week has been very busy, I have not found the time to sit down to blog. I am behind in my sewing and quilting projects. I did finish an art quilt that I promised to make for a friend. I have not finished my Passover Postcards and I really do not have an excuse for this. I started this project months ago, came to a screeching halt and just have not been able to move forward. I need to do some soul searching and get this project done.

I have spent so much time away from the computer the past week that I will never catchup reading blogs or email so I just took the pressure and stress of myself by marking everything as "read". Tomorrow is a new day and I will start with all new emails and blog postings.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams Everyone!

Debbi (email)
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Morah said...

I use "mark as read" all the time. It sure takes the pressure off. Don't even worry about it! There are times also when quilting and sewing are so far buried in the backseat that it takes a while to get back to it. Don't worry about it!!!! It'll get done!

paula, the quilter said...

Since you already have a google account (blogger) than you have access to free google pages (website) and the google page builder. That is, if you are so inclined later. I use it for tutorials and free pattern downloads. A total of 2! *g*

Sara said...

Just take care of yourself...girl! Don't fret about getting to blogs and what you can! Rather you did that - that you over tax yourself and get sick again.

Beth said...

Yeah, that's the most important thing....take care of you. But come see us once in awhile!