Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My Mood and The Weather

It is cold, grey and raining here in Chicagoland . My mood is also cold and grey. I have had to have my blood tested every day for the past 8 days and my arms hurt. The good news is no more heart surgery for awhile, no more blood tests for awhile and only one more doctors appointment next week for awhile. After next week I am medical free for 5 weeks accept for a stress test and the possibility of surgery on my hip.

I have to get back in the studio and do some sewing, quilting and crafting. Tomorrow I will be going to my Art Quilters meeting and I am so excited. Being with other art quilters is just what I need to give my creativity a jump start. I also have a client project to work on and sew more patches on my friends motorcycle vest.

Have A Great Evening!

I give up just I was about to press the publish post button my cell phone rings and it is my internist calling to say there is a problem with the echo of my heart. I was at the cardiologist yesterday. The cardiologist who did my angioplasties was called to do an emergency surgery so I saw her associate. He said my Echo was OK.

IF I DO NOT HAVE ANOTHER HEART ATTACK AND DIE IT WILL BE A MIRACLE. I am seeing five doctors and each one is tell me something different. I liked it better when I did not know I was sick, when I was not taking any medication and when I was not seeing any doctors.

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debijeanm said...

Poor Deb. Hang in there. Just have to believe that at some point this will all come together and you will be able to relax for a while.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Debbi, I pray that God sends you strength and healing. I know what a hassle it is to be constantly dealing with doctors--and I don't even have a life threatening condition. Take heart, dear. God is good. He will surely bring you through this.

Suze said...

We are lifting you up in prayer here.

On gray cloudy days it is hard to keep the spirit positive.

Getting back to your sewing will be a great help.

Tanya Brown said...

Thinking of you -

The last few months been like some sort of horrid marathon, being tested and operated on constantly and you can't even blow your nose without someone frowning in concern.

Can't say I blame you a bit for being sick and tired of it. Sometimes even blessings (new babies come to mind) are a pain in the ___. However, I'm also glad you got medical care and are here with us, alive and vital.

May tomorrow be better for you than today, and the day after that even better.