Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Missing Dog, Your Help Is Needed!!!!!

This is a posting from a fellow blogger, Valerie Mills at Wolf's Den who is missing her family dog. Please post this on your blog and help return Bommer to his family.

Our dog was picked up in Floyd County, VA by a lady that lives in Charlotte, NC. She took the dog to the vet because it had Animal Care Clinic tags on its collar as well as Rabies Certificate and a Name Tag with phone number. The vet refused to board Boomer because we were not a home at the time because they said it was against the law to Board Boomer without his Bordetella Vaccine. She then took Boomers collar/tags/identification off to remind herself to call us Monday to let us know Boomer was with someone from out of state (very stupid). The Animal Care Clinic let our dog walk out of their office with no identification with a total stranger from out of state. The story was then that the lady put Boomer on the back of her truck where she drove down RT 221 North or South and Boomer jumped off. We have posted at least 100 flyers and animal control has searched the area thoroughly and we have had no leads. If this story is not true and the lady brought Boomer back to NC with her he maybe in area shelters.Please look at him and let us know if you have a dog that fits that description.

Thank you,

Valerie Mills

Tan Lab/Hound Mix,

Very Skinny, No collar,

Very Sweet DogLarge about 80 pounds,

All Shots Current


540-745-3772 or 540-808-7347540-808-7346 or

call the Animal Care Clinic of Floyd 540-745-2004 or

Floyd County Animal Control at 745-9365

Vet has tags REWARD IF FOUND

Please call immediately if you have seen or have our dog.

Thank you the Mills Family

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nicolette said...

Such a sad story.

I keep my fingers crossed Boomer will be found!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very sad! I hope Bommer is returned to his family safe and sound.

I remember when your dogs ran away a few weeks ago, the panic you and your son were feeling.

I will be praying for the Mills family.