Thursday, August 28, 2008

Where Did Summer Go and the First Change at DubiQuilts

Summer is my favorite time of the year because I love the heat and floating on a raft in my pool, sitting outside reading and sitting by a fire at the end of each day. For the past five years I have spent most of my summer days doing just that. As I reflect back on this summer I can count only ten days that I floated on a raft in my pool, read a book and I only started two fires the whole summer.

As the sun is setting I am sad because I have realized summer is coming to an end. The daylight is getting shorter, the temperature each day and night is getting lower. Soon the leaves will be turning orange, red and snow is not far behind.

Where did summer go I ask myself. What did I do this summer? Did I accomplish anything this summer? Why am I a stranger in my quilting studio. Why have I not painted or dyed one yard of fabric this summer.

My family tonight at dinner said I have become a stranger in their lives also. I have spent most all of my days, nights and weekends away from them. This is all true and I do feel like a stranger at times in my own life. I am changing, I am a different person, what was once important is no longer important. What I once loved I no longer love, who I once loved I no longer love, now I love new people, places and things. My love for my family, friends and dogs has not changed and they are still the most important part of my life.

Tomorrow I am going to clean the sun porch and put away all of my fabric dyeing supplies. I left a mess the end of last winter and never cleaned it. I am going to box everything up because I no longer have the desire to dye fabrics. If the desire does not return by spring I will give everything away. I have been giving a shelving unit, and work table which need a home. When my mom passed away many of her belongings were stored there and they need to be cleaned up and DubiQuilts family is expanding. We are opening our home to a young man who needs a safe and loving place to live. Our den that is the fourth bedroom of our house and that is going to be MS's bedroom. Right now we use this room for watching TV and for the computers. I am going to miss having the den because it is out of the way and it has become the "guys space". I rarely step foot in that room and I am not sure what I am going to find as we move the TV, computers and other stuff out of the room.

I believe each of my sons need their own bedrooms and MS is no different. I have been using the dinning room as my studio and this is going to become our new den. I am going to keep my sewing machines and shelves with fabric where they are. I will be moving my computer to my bedroom. The computers, TV and couch from the den are moving to the dinning room. If this does not workout then we will have a family meeting and decide what to do next.

As summer ends, families grow and life changes all I can say is what a ride it has been and I am not ready to get off.

Debbi (email)
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Anonymous said...

Perhaps you need an "office" for some of your quilting supplies and tools.

Happen to know anyone who has a seldom used office? Perhaps one with unfinished drywall and a bedsheet for a curtain.

Just saying,

Tanya Brown said...

A nice contemplative post.

It seems this summer has been a chrysalis for you, and you've emerged from it changed in some fundamental ways.

meggie said...

Change has been a pivotal point in your life this year.
Sometimes we need these cathartic changes.

Anonymous said...

How well I know those feelings of change, as I've experienced some too; I suppose we all go through it at one time or another. How generous of you to give someone a place to live. Hugs.

Beth said...

Glad you took care of you!!

sewnut said...

I will keep dropping by to see how you are doing. Making decisions that free you are good.