Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Army and Marine Sons

Jacob (Marine Son) is on the left
Billy (Army Son) is on the right
For the holidays I cleaned the studio (dinning room), storing almost every outside in the sun room and now I can not find anything. Today I have been looking for a folder with papers that the Army need ASAP. I have five folders but one is missing. I tore apart the studio and house looking for the missing folder. When the "Army Son" got home he asked if I made the phone calls today and I said I will still missing one folder from his freshman year and I need it before I could make the calls. He gets up from the dinner table goes into his room from hell, comes back and hands me a box marked school supplies freshman year 2004 - 2005. All he said is I bet the folder is in here. He has known for weeks that I was missing a folder and just tonight he knows where it is. He is lucky he is not home now and when he does get home I will be sleeping. Tomorrow will be another day and I will get my revenge.

The "Marine Son" has one final left tomorrow, got a "B" in drivers ed so he does not have to take the written test. He also found out the college his ROTC scholarship will pay for room and board. I can not wait to see the check in June at the NJROTC awards and graduation night. His hard work and determination is paying off.

Proud Parent of a U.S. Marine and U.S. Soldier
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Anonymous said...

So BB really did have hair once! As to JB, they are cute when they are young, but then they grow into teenagers. No wonder we are grey.

Sweet P said...

You should be a proud parent. Both of your sons will serve our country well.

Morah said...

Wowzee Dowzee! I'm gone for a few days and you go nuts blogging!!!! I am sooooo glad to see you blogging. I also feel your pride right through the computor over your two sons! I love your signature.

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Sweet P and Morah Thank-you for your warm and heartfelt words!

Love to you both,

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...


Yes BB did have hair once but not for long. He came into this world bald, get hair when he was 3 and lost it when he was 17. He only had hair for 14 years. Our five kids are turning us grey but we still love them.

I love you,

A Quilting Journey said...

Cute, cute picture! Don't you just love how the messiest ones can still find things when they HAVE to but are missing the listening and then find gene the rest of the time? Congrats to him on his ROTC scholarship and to both of your boys for representing our country so well. We're all proud of them...and you!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Very cute picture.... My oldest son went to college on an Air Force ROTC scholarship.He is a major now. It was a very good thing for him. Congrats to your sons.