Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Life Updates TWO - Billy Is A US Army Specialist

On December 20, 2008 our oldest son Billy enlisted in the US Army. Billy is a senior at the University of Illinois at Chicago and will be graduation in May of this year. Until last year he wanted to be a high school special ed teacher and gymnastics coach. With his brother Jacob in NJROTC in high school and now a Marine, Billy did change his mind. He too wanted to be an officer in the Marines. Billy had been talking about going to Marine Officer Candidate School when he graduated from College. Somewhere along the line he changed his mind for the tenth time, he wanted to enlist in the Army and start from the bottom working his way up to officer. During winter break he asked me to take him to the recruiting office. To add to his Moms heart break he did enlist.

Once again my heart is breaking but at the same time I am very proud of him and his decision. Again in just over a month I spent the night in Marks arms crying. He again kept telling me everything would be OK.

Billy taking the oath to defend the US as a Army Solider Billy with his recruiter.
Do I ask a second time? Does Billy look happy and Proud?
I am sure he is.Billy was a Gymnast in High School. He went to State his Junior and Senior Years, finishing fourth on the Still Rings. His Senior year Billy was US High School Champion on Still Rings scoring a 9.9 He still holds the US record and is also the record holder at his high school with a score of 9.7 He competes in College and here are a few photos from a meet in December 2008.

Thank-you everyone who left comments and sent me emails when I posted about Jacob enlisting in the Marines. Now you know the rest of my story. My heart was tested many times this past year and I did survive. I am still here, I can take what ever is next. I may be depressed at times and feel sorry for myself but I no longer have time for that. I have places to go, quilts to make, fabric to play with and a motorcycle fluff seat that is calling my name.

Proud Parent of a U.S. Marine and U.S. Soldier
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Anonymous said...

Congrats!! Your heart IS being tested by both your sons. You can handle it. Bless you and your sons.


Beth said...

I think about you most everyday and I'm glad to read how things are going. I'd be so proud nobody could stand me!