Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Life Updates - Jacob Is A US. Marine

On October 7, 2008 our younger son Jacob enlisted in the US. Marines. He has also applied for a US. Army and US. Navy ROTC scholarship for college. Part of his enlistment to the Marines is if he receives a scholarship and is accepted to college he will be discharged from the Marines. As of today he has received a Navy Scholarship. He is still waiting to be accepted to college to hear about an Army Scholarship.

Because Jacob in under the age of 18 his father and I had to give written permission for him to join the military. His Dad served in the Marines so it was easy for him to sign his name on the forms. I on the other had found it very hard to do. I was disappointed that Jacob may not be able to get his college degree before being deployed to parts unknown. I have always wanted my sons to go to college get their degrees and then do what they wanted. I also was having a hard time knowing my baby was no longer a baby. Sometime in the past few months my second born son turned into a man and was making the biggest decision of his life. I did sign the forms and knew it was what Jacob wanted. My heart was breaking and I was very proud of his at the same time. Being a Mom sucks sometimes. That night I cried in the arms of Mark as he reassured me everything would be OK. Mark never lied to me so he must be right, everything will be OK.

Jacob taking the oath to defend the US as a Marine.
Do you think he was happy and proud? I know he was.

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Teri said...

Congratulations!! And thank you for raising an unselfish kid who would serve our country. I understand wishing your son would finish college first. One of my daughters is married to an Army man, and my other is marrying a Marine this summer. Both young men are good kids (especially the Marine)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Your son is an outstanding young man.

Glad to read you are walking again. I miss our walks.


Anonymous said...

Of course they will be ok, they have you for a Mom.

heather said...

It doesn't have to be either military or college. There are lots of options to take classes while on active duty if they search for them.

I can only imagine how scary it must be to see your child join the military. It is good that you have Mark to lean on.

teri springer said...

It is indeed difficult to think of Jacob as being a man and in the Marines!! He isn't THAT much older than Joey (who will be 18 in August). Joey is still thinking Marines also but I don't know that he can get into any of the armed forces....he was diagnosed with spondyloarthritis in his left hip and SI joint this fall. A desk job would NOT make him a happy camper especially with our families history in the OSS and Military Intelligence (General Donovan, who founded the OSS, was a relative and my dad's first cousin was in the OSS at the General's request....everyone else was a pilot).

Big hugs to Jacob AND you!!!!

Love ya!!