Thursday, February 16, 2006

I am Glad Birthdays Are Only Once a Year

Today is number 49. 1 year closer to 50. The only good part of this birthday is my twin brother is 10 minutes older. I feel old and my brother is a first time grandfather so he must be really old.

Leah, Sara and Anonymous Thank-you for your posts.

Things are the same. Hubby is still home. He has a couple of job leads. Saturday we are take our son for his MRI. After that we will know what additional damage was done to his knee. We know he damaged the ACL and he will have surgery to graph the tear.

The heart PP block is from this site
I am not sure if it is still available.

I am still trying to catch up with blogs and my website.

Yesterday afternoon I was able to get the sashings, borders, back and a small amount of quilting done on the three heart blocks.

Have a great day!



Leah S said...

Great site!! I could get "lost" for hours. :) Instead... I'll mark it as a favorite and try to visit it when I have an actual need. :P

Leah S said...

D'oh! I got so excited about the site that I forgot to wish you a happy birthday!! :D

Sara said...

Happy Birthday! Hey at least you are only 49! I hit the big 60 this month!!!!