Friday, February 17, 2006

It is Friday

Sara Early Happy Birthday. I don't know why but 49 sounds so much older than 60.

I finished my 3 heart wall hanging. I am glad this quilt will hang in my home because I am not very good at adding the binding. I knew if I didn't finish it now and put it away for next year it would never get done.

What should I do next?

Have a great weekend!



Leah S said...

Pick a quilt from Bonnie's site ( ) and put some of your hand dyes to work... cuz I bet it'll be a stunner! :)

And I think the reason why 49 sounds older than 60 is because of the 9 and 0. Or maybe it's a decade thing. You're ending your 4th decade while she's just entering her 6th. :)

Sara said...

Well, I agree with Leah - put some of those gorgeous hand dyes to work!

Your heart quilt is really pretty! What's the deal about binding??? I love to add binding - it is the most relaxing part of quilting for me. For one - it tells me my quilt is JUST about finished...and the hand work is so quieting. Plus since I discovered those clamp like things to hold the binding in place while I sew it down I enjoy it much more - cause I'm not getting stuck by pins.